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Meian [userpic]

First of all: Hello *waves* ^^
I've just joined this community and I'm sorry to start my first post with a question...
Well, I've got a problem and I hoped someone here might be able and willing to help me out.

I'm translating a doujinshi at the moment and actually everything went smooth.
But now at the last three sites a kanji appeared that I can't really pinpoint.
Even though I'm rather sure I've seen it somewhere before ... - -

Could anyone tell me the reading of it?
At least which kanji it could be or the radical...

Really, I need help.

My problem child ...Collapse )

I really would appreciate your help. =*__*=

wasabi_project [userpic]

wasabi_project [userpic]

Kanji lesson 2
Kanji 2:
In katakana this is read as:
ナイ- nai      ダイ- dai     - no      アイ- ai
In hiragana this is read as:
– no      すなわち- sunawa.chi      なんじ- nanji

it’s meanings are:
from; possessive particle; where upon; accordingly

and here are a few examples:
[no]  (prt) (1) (uk) indicates possessive; (2) verb and adjective nominalizer (nominaliser); (3) substituting for "ga" in subordinate phrases; (4) indicates a confident conclusion; (5) emotional emphasis (sentence end); (6) indicates question (sentence end).
乃公 [ないこう - naikou] (n) I (ego) (boastful first-person pronoun).
乃至 [ないし - naishi] (conj) from .. to; between .. and; or; (P).
乃父 [だいふ - daifu] (n) father.

wasabi_project [userpic]

The frist piece of Kanji I have chose is:

in katakana this is read:  
チヨウ- chiyou テイ- tei チン- chin トウ- tou - chi
In hiragana it is read as:
ひのと - hinoto

it's meanings are:
street; ward; town; counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something; even number; 4th calendar sign;

and here are a few examples:

[ちょう - chou](suf) leaf; block; cake.
[てい - toi] 4th in rank; fourth sign of the Chinese calendar.
[ひのと - hinoto] 4th in rank; fourth sign in the Chinese claendar
丁々 [ちょうちょう - chouchou ] clashing of swords; felling of trees; ringing of an axe
丁々 [とうとう - toutou] clashing of swords; felling of trees; ringing of an axe
丁子[ちょうじ - chouji]   clove.
丁字 [ていじ - teiji] letter ‘T’
丁字形 [ていじけい teijikei] T-shaped

wasabi_project [userpic]

A Hiragana/ Katakana chart. The first step in understanding Kanji is to know Hiragana, Katakana will some times come in use too. I have created a chart which holds all the Hiragana and Katakana symbols:

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wasabi_project [userpic]

Hello, this is the fist community I have made so please forgive me if it's simple.

This is a welcome to any and all members, please help me to keep this community alive and running. ^^

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